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There are many ways that you can support our projects:

Use our sites

The easiest way to support what we do is to get involved and use our sites. The more users we have and the more postings we receive, the bigger and better the sites become. We are here to help you all help yourselves, but without you neither or exist. So come and join in, reduce your waste, reduce your costs, and take a positive step towards creating a more sustainable and sharing community.

Use, share, and display our banners, and shout about what we do

Word of mouth is a great way to publicise what we do, so tell everyone! Even better, we have some banner images at the bottom of this page for you to download and use. Add these to the thank you pages of your programmes saying we have helped your productions, or add them to your website saying you support us with a link to our sites.

Advertise with us

Buy a banner advert with us and reach a key group of people involved in Theatre, TV, Film and Event production. Your banner will appear on the top of either or both of our sites for as little as £5 per month. Click here and learn how to Advertise with us.

Donate to help fund our projects, or just buy us a cup of tea and are free to use, but they are not free to run. Our Creators and Moderators volunteer their time and skills to maintain the sites, but we still need to cover hosting costs and other associated fees. We use advertising on the sites to try to cover these costs but we do need more financial support to keep our projects running. If you feel you can offer something as a thank you for our work, small or large, or enough to buy us a cup of tea, then please click the button below. Anything would be much appreciated!

Logos and Banners for your websites, programmes and emails: